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“Recruitment by partners that not only pitch the vacancy but lived it firsthand.”

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Peer-based MedTech recruitment

Castle Recruitment is a family-based recruitment boutique combining in-field experience together with decades of industry knowledge. We offer a peer-based recruitment service for high performing individuals within the Medical Devices and Diagnostics industry. We focus on sales, marketing, business development and management positions.

Expert in the field

30+ years of combined in field experience.

Brutally honest

We close the gap by asking what you want and advising what you need.

Unwavering commitment

Your career, our commitment. Elevating your path to success.

A family that walked the talk

Do you want to know what we can do for you?

Success is best when shared

Referral Program

We believe in the power of shared networks and rewards. You can support your network in finding their next opportunity and be rewarded. 

Get in touch to discuss the possibilities!

  • Recieve €50 for every qualified lead*

  • Directly paid to your bank account

*Lead is qualified when introduced to an open vacancy

  • 1 – 10 hired referrals

  • € 1.000 or gift matching this value*

*Referral fee is paid per hired referral on the employee’s starting date.

  • > 10 hired referrals

  • Information on request**

**Affiliate conditions apply, please contact us to discuss the details.

Let's connect!

Ready to uncover your next career move or just seeking genuine advice from a peer who has lived it firsthand? Get in touch by selecting your preferred date and time for a 30 minutes introductory call.